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Shout out from Siggy Jackson aka Dealz to MJ Fanservices from the Jackson Truth Radio show of March 20, 2012.

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Vote for Michael, where-ever, when-ever Recentely during charity events on radio, I did not hear "Heal the World", "We are the World" one single time on the radio! We have to bring MJ back to the playlists, the songs that have the most important message are categorically ignored, bring it back! So request Michael's songs and vote for himand his music whenever you can! 

Jackson Action

During Michael's stay in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1992 for two sold out shows in Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip he visited the town's Sophia Children's Hospital (University Medical Centre Erasmus) to open a Michael Jackson room. if you have information about the current status of this room, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It's important to know if the Michael Jackson room is still in use at the hospital or has been replaced or removed. Because if that is the case, we need to start a petition to request to have the Michael Jackson Room re-opened.

In 1996, Michael visited the VU Children's Hhospital while he was staying in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to perform three sold out shows in the Amsterdam Arena.