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Shout out from Siggy Jackson aka Dealz to MJ Fanservices from the Jackson Truth Radio show of March 20, 2012.

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The Colllector

Since the age of 5 I (Mark Wittenberg) am a Michael Jackson fan, the passion started by hearing Michaels voice. In the early years that followed "I got to know" the man behind this great voice, the person Michael Jackson. Many documentaries were aired at that time, and after the release of the Bad album the Bad Tour followed. Especially around the tour many items were released and this is when I started to collect and my (still ever expanding) collection started to grow.

One of the first items I purchased was a Bad pillow which I still have. After this item cassettes and vinyls were added to my collection. And my cousin who happened to work at Sony at that time gave me some unfolded LP covers, which unfortunately got lost over the years. And just recently I purchased a poster that I was up on my room wall for years. It's an CBS poster that also features other artists, such as George Michael and Mick Jagger. 

Listining to the King of Pop's music was and always will be my passion. But having items surrounding me that remind me of the man and his music give me a positive feeling. I just love to surround myself with all of the collector items!

When I grew older and my budget increased, I was able to purchase many more items and my collection ggot extensive. I plan to write about collector items on a regular basis. I will be offering some of them for sale and put some in the "spotlight" on this website. 

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.when you have any questions about collector items or wish to offer any here for sale. Happy collecting!

Official merchandise

Beware of fake or unofficial collector items! Michael worked with several companies that were licensed to release official merchandise. In the eighties Triumph International started handling the oficial merchandise affairs. In the mid an dlate nineties it was Mystery. Pepsi and Sony Signatures also released several official items. Nowadays the company Bravado handles official merchandising. Make sure to verify the company’s license when you find collector items you’re considering to purchase.

Collector Spotlight

The first item in the Collector Spotlight  is a special porcelain Gold/Platinum HIStory figure, personally approved by Michael who posed with this figure both in Europe as in the United States during an unique collector event in Las Vegas. The figure resembles Michael's look during the HIStory World Tour of 1996 and 1997. The material Material is Porcelain, painted with Gold/Platinum paint. figure is made in porcelain and has gold an dplatinum piant. These figures are limited edition, only a 1,000 were made and every figure comes with a numbered certificate. I was told that the painting used was so expensive that they'll never be able to recreate these figures again. This item was released in 1999 by Mystery, Michael's merchandise company in the mid and late 90's. Similar figures are known to exist, but the items witht the colors purple, pearl, white, black and white, gold and anthracite are not commercially released. Michael was given the gold version with a black base and kept this at his Neverland ranch.



Want to know what your collection is worth? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with full details and images of the items you want appraised.