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Shout out from Siggy Jackson aka Dealz to MJ Fanservices from the Jackson Truth Radio show of March 20, 2012.

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Mark Wittenberg

Mark Wittenberg, founder of MJ Fanservices is available for interviews to comment on subjects related to Michael Jackson. For media inquiries send and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Media appearances

Throughout the past ten years Mark has spoken to media and press sources on numerous occasions to respond to issues and news reports relating to Michael Jackson. Here's a small selection of some of his media appearances.  

Barend en van Dorp (19 May, 2005) (watch)

Radio 538 Ruud de Wild (7 November, 2011)
Conrad Murray schuldig aan dood Michael Jackson

Radio 6 Music Update Jaap Brienen (27 September, 2011)
Michael Jackson proces begint vandaag

BBC Radio
Radio 1
Radio 2
Radio Noordzee

Nieuws.nl (25 June, 2011) Sterfdag Michael Jackson wereldwijd herdacht (PDF)
RTL Boulevard (12  February, 2010) Fans Michael Jackson komen met eigen talentenjacht (PDF)
Nu.nl (30 August, 2009) Minuut stilte op geboortedag Michael Jackson (PDF)
Brabants Dagblad (7 July, 2009) Zeven Nederlandse fanclubleden naar ceremonie (PDF)
Nieuws.nl (26 June, 2009) Voorzitter Jackson-fanclub 'uit veld geslagen' (PDF)
De Telegraaf Prive (6 March, 2009) Fans hopen op nieuw werk Michael Jackson (PDF)
Nu.nl (3 March, 2009) Michael Jackson al gespot in Londen (PDF)
De Pers (3 March, 2009) Michael Jackson al in Londen voor comback (PDF)
Nieuws.nl (30 December, 2006) Jackie Jackson heeft lol met Nederlandse fans (PDF)