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Shout out from Siggy Jackson aka Dealz to MJ Fanservices from the Jackson Truth Radio show of March 20, 2012.

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Michael's pizza deliveries

Did you know that Michael sometimes ordered pizza's for his fans who camped outside his hotel? Michael loved to eat pizza and he love to share. When I (Mark Wittenberg) was in the UK and Michael stayed in the Hempel Hotel, he ordered pizza's for the fans which of course was a blessing to us who had been standing outside for hours in the cold.
And when Michael stayed with friends in Hamburg, Germany a pizza delivery boy came walking to us, who was almost unable to carry all the boxes with pizza! The man said that the order came from Michael and everyone received a slice. A couple of pizza's that were left and were delivered at the house where Michael was staying. Those slices of pizza I had in Hamburg were actually one of the best I ever had! Thank you Michael!